Kentucky Ineligible Rural Housing Areas October 2012

Kentucky Towns, villages, cities, places, etc. that will become ineligible on Oct. 1, 2012 due to an increase in the population (based on the 2010 census data), will no longer be eligible due to the eXpiration of the special consideration eXception (“Grandfather Clause“), or no longer meet the definition of Rural because the county is now part of a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and was not part of an MSA in 2000.
KY Bardstown, city                                 Nelson County 11,700 X X
KY Burlington, city                                 Boone County  15,926 X X
KY Elizabethtown, city                          Hardin  County 28,531 X X
KY Georgetown city                               Scott County  29,098 X X
KY Independence city                           Kenton County 24,757 X X
KY Nicholasville city                              Jessamine County 28,015 X X
KY Shelbyville, city                                Shelby County 14,045 X X
KY Shepherdsville city                           Bullitt County Ky11,222 X

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