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Funding for Fiscal Year 2020 has now been authorized for RHS loans in Kentucky.
Additionally,  the following KY USDA Rural Housing Guidelines have been updated below:
  • Income sources that will not be received for the next full 12 months must still be used in calculating Annual Eligibility Income unless specifically excluded by RHS guidelines (section 3555.152(b)(5)).
  • Section 9.3 Annual Income has been updated with detailed income verification requirements to cover previous grey areas in paystub, W-2, and self-employed documentation requirements
  • A significant increase or decrease in earnings requiring caution has been defined as a 20 percent variance in income over the previous 12 months.
  • Time spent in school can only be used towards income requirements when the schooling is part of college, technical school, or the acquisition of career-based certificates in high school. A standard high school diploma without an accompanying certificate would not meet these requirements.
  • Documentation requirements for several types of income have been reduced from 2 years to 1 year, and additional guidance has been provided for previously missing income types
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Gaps in Employment for KY USDA Rural Housing Loans

Gaps in Employment for KY USDA Rural Housing Loans

The rule states the following:
A borrower who has no verifiable employment for 6 months or longer is deemed to have a gap in employment. 
  •  Any gaps in employment must be analyzed in order to make a final determination of stable and dependable income. An employment gap does not automatically render an applicant ineligible. Applicants with job gaps due to maternity leave, medical leave, relocation, etc. are considered to have employment continuity. Applicants returning to the workforce after leaving a previous job to care for a child/family member, complete education, etc. will require a 12 month employment history.



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