Kentucky USDA Rural Housing County Income Limits for 2022

1-4 person household and 5 or more household

Kentucky 2022 County Income Limits For USDA Rural Development Loan

2022 Kentucky USDA Loan Income Limits for Kentucky Counties 
Kentucky USDA loan income limits vary by location and household size with a base income-limit for the entire state of Kentucky,
The base USDA income limits are for most Kentucky counties below:

Kentucky USDA Mortgage Limits for Households with 1-4 members have different limits as households with 5-8. Similarly, applicants living in high-cost counties will have a higher income limit than those living in counties with a more average cost of living.

New Income limits for most counties (*) in Kentucky are $91,900 for a  4 unit household and household families of five or more + can make up to  $121,300.

The Northern Kentucky Counties (***) of Boon, Kenton, Campbell, Bracken, Gallatin, and Pendleton are $99,250 for a household of four or less and up to $130,000 for a family of five or more.

Remember,  Jefferson County Kentucky, Fayette County Kentucky are not eligible for USDA loans.

Most are familiar with USDA Rural Housing Loan Program  being a great no money down program available and it is not just for Kentucky first time buyers. 

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Apply for Free Home Loan Today Kentucky

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