USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans

USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans

USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans
Did you know that home buyers can still get a mortgage with no money down, even with less than perfect credit?
The Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program offers these options in a wide range of areas, including many
This loan program is offered through the Rural Housing Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture
and designed to assist low and moderate-income residents by providing better access to affordable housing
finance options including little or no out-of-pocket costs in eligible areas.
To see if your market area falls in a designated rural area visit:
Available to low- and moderate-income borrowers whose adjusted income is equal to or less than 115% of the
area median income.
Owner-occupied single family non-farm residences, approved condos and PUDs
New construction properties are eligible.
Purchase or rate/term refinance
Home buyer can finance up to 100% of the market appraised value, including all recurring and non-recurring
closing costs, in some circumstances loan amounts as high as $417,000 in the continental U.S. Higher in
Alaska and Hawaii.
Credit scores as low as 640. No asset or reserve requirements. Gift funds are allowed.
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