USDA Rural Development Loan


There is no down payment required. A borrower that qualifies for a mortgage with the USDA program has the options to pay nothing away from pocket for a down payment. This means that the borrower can finance up to 100% of the appraised value of the property.

There are no Mortgage Insurance requirements with a USDA mortgage. This gives the borrowers a chance to put additional money towards to the mortgage payment each month instead of pay expensive Mortgage Insurance fees.

There are competitive 30 year fixed interest rates. Due to guarantee of the U. S. Government, a lender can provide the lowest interest rates to qualified borrowers.

The rural development loan program won’t have a maximum purchase limit. However, the lender will determine a maximum loan amount good applicant ability to repay the loa

All kinds of Business

Have you been looking to purchase a fresh home in a rural area, but don’t know how to start when looking for help with a mortgage company? Nice thing about it! Home Town Mortgage is here for you with a great loan program made just for you and your wants. The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a loan guarantee program that may help you obtain a home loan. With the help of the USD loan program you may well be living in your new home with little to simply no money down.

A usda mortgage gives borrowers that qualify to be able to get a home loan with easier qualifications and capital options that other conventional loan can’t give. One thing to make note of is that USDA Rural Development does not actually finance the loan. USDA Rural Development has partnered with lenders in every state who will…

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