Kentucky Single Family Housing USDA RHS Guaranteed Loan Program Update 2011

Kentucky Single Family Housing USDA RHS Guaranteed Loan Program Update 2011.

via Kentucky Single Family Housing USDA RHS Guaranteed Loan Program Update 2011.

Kentucky USDA and Rural Housing Underwriting Update for November 2012

Kentucky USDA and Rural Housing Underwriting Update for November 2012

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1)  Kentucky USDA loans and rural housing underwriting  is tightening up!  You are going to see us asking for more to make sure we have it to respond to USDA when they ask for it.  We don’t want to be caught shorthanded on these deals and be stuck waiting to get them closed (neither do you!) so to be reactive to the changes with USDA, you will find that we are conditioning for more than we used to.  To help us be on the ball with your USDA loans, be sure to include the following:

1)  30 days most recent paystubs showing a YTD amount

2)  VOE’s if the borrower is NOT employed in the same position for more than 2 years or the borrower has OT, Bonus or commission income.  We will recommend Written VOE’s   for the purpose of showing the borrower is in the same line of work!

3)  Assets – if your 1003 shows bank information and asset information then you must provide the most recent 2 statements to prove this information

4)  Collections & open judgments must show on your liabilities.  Please provide an LOX for all Derogatory credit  this LOX should show that the circumstances were temporary in  nature, beyond the applicant’s control and resolved to the best of their ability

5)  VOR‘s are required for all USDA loans.  USDA has been consistently requesting this information in the past 30 days.  For files above 640, a VOR will suffice.  For files under 640,     we will require 12 months cancelled checks.  If a VOR is not available due to the borrower living with family,  an LOX will be needed

6)  Paystubs for all income in the household regardless if they are on the loan or not. Must be most recent and 30 days worth to help determine actual income

7)  Garnishments or child support shown and if paying it we will require the court order. If receiving it, we need a 12 month history of receipt and court order

8)  W-2’s for the past 2 years for ALL jobs

9)  Tax returns if self employed or unreimbursed expenses are shown

10)  YTD P&L if self employed prepared by tax preparer and signed by borrower.

11)  1980-21 signed by borrowers

12)  Fully executed purchase contract

Remember – we cannot send a file to RD without an appraisal!!!  The appraisal must state that the property meets HUD Handbooks 4150.2 and 4905.1.

2)  Turn times for USDA in several states are extreme.  We understand your frustration with the delays and want to express to you that we are watching diligently for return commitments to push your files to closing.  If you could review your USDA loans with us and insure that all conditions are met….except for the CC…we can expedite these files ASAP when the commitment comes in.  If your file has been with us for over 30 days, please update the paystubs as ours will have expired!!!

Thank you for your attention and please let me know if you need me!

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Logo of the USDA Rural Development office, par...
Logo of the USDA Rural Development office, part of the Department of Agriculture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


100% * NO MONEY DOWN LOAN and LOW  “MI” * Seller Can Pay All CC’s
• 29% PITI, 41% TD ratios
• (waivers allowed with good credit)
• Debts with 6 months or more owed will be
• Property must be located in eligible RD areas
Land value cannot exceed 30% of total value
• In-ground swimming pools may be approved with
• No substandard homes
• No existing manufactured homes
• CAIVRS number(s) needed
• First time homebuyer not a requirement
• Income must be within RD limits
• Income must be adequate and stable
• Adequate ability to repay the loan
• Acceptable credit history
• Be without an adequate dwelling
• Cannot obtain conventional financing
• Citizen or permanent resident alien
• Owner occupied
• Legal capacity to incur debt
• Bankruptcy OK if discharged for 36 months
• All household income counted
• Overtime, bonuses, and commissions count, if
supported by history
• Child support counts –may be grossed up 25%
• Self-employment – (use IRS net income) – 2 year
history plus current information needed
• Same job or line of work for past 12 months
(some exceptions allowed)
• Written verification of SS, SSI, etc.
• Degree or certification can substitute for job time
• All income must be verified
• $480 for each child under 18
• Over 18 counts if full time student living at home
• Actual child care expenses for children 12 or
younger if parents work or attend school
• $400 for applicant or co-applicant if disabled or
• Medical deductions may be considered for
disabled or elderly applicants (above 3% of gross
• No Down Payment
• 100% Guaranteed financing
•  LOW  MONTHLY “MI”  of .40 basis points . Much lower than FHA which is 1.25% basis points. —Almost $100 cheaper on Kentucky RHS loan vs FHA loan, plus no 3.5% down payment needed like FHA requires.
• Terms—30 year fixed
• Guarantee fee of 2% of loan amount
• Refinance Fee 2.0 % of loan amount
• Appraised values can be exceeded by amount of
guarantee fee—up to 102% LTV
• Streamlined credit documentation with FICO of
640 or higher
• Unlimited Gifts or Seller Contributions
• Down-payments accepted up to 19%
• Guarantee Fee is fully Tax Deductible in the year
it is paid
• No Loan Limit (Ratio Determined)
• Partner with other Funding Sources
• AUS System – GUS – Being Developed
• Regular Program updates
• Monthly Newsletter by email
• Satisfactory appraisal
• Thermal certification NOT required
• Well test
• Septic system certification
• Termite letter
• Satisfactory appraisal
• Thermal certification
• Plan certification
• One year warranty on footings, framing, and final
• Termite Soil Treatment Certificate
• Well test
• Purchase New
– Stick or Modular
– Manufactured (from approved dealer)
• Purchase Existing
• Stick or Modular
• Repairs/Rehab
• Refinance
• RD Direct Loans
• RD Guaranteed Loan
• Typical Loan Closing Costs
USDA Rural Development


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