Kentucky Rural Housing Service (RHS) program Mortgage

Kentucky Rural Housing Service (RHS) program Mortgage

Program Descriptions RHS Fixed Rate 2 6/15/2011

The loan must meet the minimum FICO requirement listed in the following grids: Loans must be manually underwritten. Second Homes and Investment properties are not eligible. LTV/CLTV/HCLTV/FICO Primary Residence

Min Fico 640 Ranges FICO Type Units *LTV CLTV HCLTV Salaried Self-Employed Purchase & Rate/Term Refinance 1 103.5% 100% NA 640 640 1 101% 100% NA 640 640

* Purchase: Maximum LTV is 103.5% of appraised value when guarantee fee is financed. Refinance: Maximum LTV is 101% of appraised value when guarantee fee is financed. Rate & Term refinancing is available on current RHS loans only.

Calculation of the Guarantee Fee: The Guarantee Fee may be calculated in two ways depending on whether the fee will be financed. Transaction Type Guarantee Fee Not Financed Guarantee Fee Financed Purchase Transactions Multiply the loan amount by 3.50% and round to the nearest cent. Example: $100,000 x .035 = $3,500. The fee is calculated as follows: 1. Divide the base loan amount by .965 and round to the nearest cent. 2. Multiply that number by .035 (3.50%) and round to the nearest cent. Example: $100,000 ÷ .965 = $103,626.943005 (rounded to $103,626.94). $103,626.94 x .035 = $3,626.9429 (rounded to $3,626.94). Rate and Term Refinances Multiply the loan amount by 1.00%. Example: $100,000 x .01 = $1,000. Follow steps 1 and 2 above, substituting 99 for .965 and .01 for .035. Example: $100,000 ÷ .99 = $101,010.10. $101,010.10 x .01 = $1,010.10.

Secondary financing may be used if it is approved by RHS and is offered by city or county agencies. SECONDARY FINANCING

Refinance transactions must comply with the following requirements: REFINANCE REQUIREMENTS • The interest rate cannot exceed the interest rate of the existing loan. • The loan security must include the same property as the original loan. The security property must be owner-occupied as the borrower’s primary residence. • Maximum loan amount cannot exceed the balance of the loan being refinanced, plus the guarantee fee and reasonable and customary closing costs (including funds necessary to establish a new tax and insurance escrow account). Subordinate financing, such as home equity lines of credit and down payment assistance “silent” seconds, cannot be included in the new loan amount. Unpaid fees, such as late fees due the servicer, cannot be included in the new loan amount. • Any existing secondary financing must be subordinate to the first lien. • Cash-out is not allowed. • HUD-1 cannot reflect cash back to the borrower except for items prepared by the borrower outside of closing.


The rural Housing Service (RHS) program provides very-low-, low- and moderate-income rural resident with better access to affordable housing finance options with little or no down payment or out-of-pocket costs.

Borrowers may obtain a loan to purchase a new or existing home that is located in a designated rural area. A rural community generally has a population of 10,000 or less; however, a community with a population of 20,000 or less can be considered “rural” if it is located outside a metropolitan statistical area (MSA).

To be eligible for RHS assistance, borrowers must lack sufficient resources (for example, borrower is unable to secure the necessary down payment which is generally 20%, to obtain conventional financing without RHS guarantee assistance). Guidelines for the program follow.


30 year fixed rate



• Rate term refinance (only allowed when refinancing a current Rural Housing Guaranteed loan.)


Owner occupied only


Borrowers are subject to the following eligibility requirements:

• Borrowers may have only one residence. Borrowers may be the current owner of a structurally sound, functionally adequate house, as long as it is sold prior to or concurrently with the purchase of the new home.

• Borrowers must lack sufficient resources (for example, borrower is unable to secure the necessary down payment which is generally 20%, to obtain conventional financing without RHS guarantee assistance).

• Borrowers must have a valid Social Security Number.

• Borrower may be a permanent or non-permanent resident alien. Refer to the Underwriting Guide for details.

• Title must be in individual names only.

• All borrowers must be screened using CAIVRS (Credit Alert Interactive Voice Response System) to determine if an applicant is delinquent on a federal loan.


Non-occupant co-borrowers


Prepayment Penalty Option is not available.


The LTV is based on the appraised value. Minimum 80.01% LTV is required on all purchase transactions. The minimum loan amount is $30,000. Loan limits are dictated by the applicant’s income with respect to program eligibility and loan repayment ability. The maximum loan amount is 100% of the conforming loan limit or 103.5% when the Guarantee Fee is financed.

 Program Descriptions RHS Fixed Rate

2 6/15/2011


The loan must meet the minimum FICO requirement listed in the following grids: Loans must be manually underwritten. Second Homes and Investment properties are not eligible.Primary Residence – Min Fico 640
Ranges  FICO 
Type  Units  *LTV  CLTV  HCLTV  Salaried  Self-Employed 
Purchase & Rate/Term Refinance  103.5%  100%  NA  640  640 
101%  100%  NA  640  640 

Kentucky Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program

Kentucky Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program

Kentucky Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program 
– 25 Frequently Asked Questions

25 Questions and  Answers

1 What is the guarantee?
USDA Rural Development provides the full faith and assurance of the U.S Government
that any financial loss resulting from servicing the loan will be reimbursed in full up to
an amount not exceeding 90% of the original loan amount. All loss up to an amount not
exceeding 35% of the original loan is fully reimbursed. Losses exceeding 35% are 85%
2 What is the advantage to the customer?
100 percent financing, fixed interest rate,  low monthly mi fee (.50bps) and upfront mi fee of 2% and no restrictions on size or design are just a few of the advantages.
3 What are the eligibility requirements?
Have adequate and dependable income (up to 115 percent of adjusted area median
income), have acceptable credit, do not own a dwelling in the local commuting area, US
Citizen or permanent resident, have the ability to personally occupy the home on a
permanent basis, and do not have funds for a 20% down payment loan plus closing and
moving expenses.
4 Can a Broker originate Guaranteed loans? Yes, however only Approved lenders may underwrite & submit loans.
5 How long does it take to get an answer?
Our goal is a 2 to 5 day turnaround. Time will be longer in some offices due to the large
number of guarantee requests received.
6 What is the maximum fixed Interest Rate  and term?
Fannie Mae 90 day delivery rate plus 60 basis points rounded up to nearest quarter of
one percent Or no more than the Lender’s published VA rate for first mortgage loans
with no discount points. The term is 30 years.
7 What is the maximum loan amount? The Loan amount is limited by the market value and repayment ability.
8 What is the maximum Loan to ValueIt can be up to 100% LTV plus the Agency guarantee fee.

9 What is the Guarantee Fee? The guarantee fee is 2.0 percent of the “Total” loan amount.
10 What are the qualifying ratios? PITI Ratio 29 percent, TD Ratio 41 percent.
Higher ratios may be approved with compensating factors.
11 Do we show deferred student loans in the debt ratio?
Deferred student loans should be included in the debt ratio calculations for Guaranteed
Loans regardless of the deferment period.
12 What is the minimum credit score?
Under certain criteria, credit score 640 and above no comment required.
For credit score 639 and below document circumstances were temporary in nature
beyond the applicants control and have been removed. In most cases, loans will not be
guaranteed for applicants who have a middle credit score of 580 & below.
13 What about location? The dwelling must be located in eligible rural area (See eligibility site)
14 What about refinancing? Limited to existing USDA Rural Development guaranteed or direct loans.
15 Can loans include acreage?

Possibly. The acreage must not contain any income producing facilities and the value of
acreage may not exceed of the total property value.
16 Can Manufactured Homes be financed? Yes, however they must be new and sold by an approved dealer contractor. We as a lender currently don’t offer these type of loans

17 What about an in-ground swimming pool?  Swimming pools are now okay with the recent changes on December 1st, 2014

18 What are the required inspections?Property must meet HUD Handbook 4905.1 & 4150.2 or similar standard. A FHA roster appraiser can verify adequacy/working order of electrical, plumbing, heating, water & waste disposal on existing dwellings.
19 Will USDA Rural Development issue a letter asking the Approved Lender to make a loan? No. This is the Approved Lender‟s loan. They underwrite the loan and decide if it meets their standards and Agency standards before submitting.
20 Is homebuyer education required? Homebuyer education is not required, however it is recommended.
21 Are seller concessions allowed? Yes. Rural Development  restricts  the amount of seller concessions to 6% of sales price
22 Who approves the Appraiser? The appraiser must be licensed by the State to complete appraisals.
23 Can necessary repairs be included in loan? Yes. An „as improved‟ appraisal will be needed to include cost of repairs.
24 Are alternate verifying income documents allowed

Yes. Paycheck stubs, payroll earnings statements and W-2 tax forms for previous 2 tax

years, and telephone verification of employment.

25 Who buys Guaranteed Housing Loans?

FHLB, Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and other


Joel Lobb
Senior  Loan Officer

American Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
800 Stone Creek Pkwy, Ste 7,
Louisville, KY 40223
 Fax:     (502) 327-9119
 Company ID #1364 | MB73346

Kentucky USDA Mortgage Upfront Guarantee Fee and the monthly mortgage insurance Annual fee

August 1, 2012


Kentucky USDA Mortgage Upfront Guarantee Fee and the monthly mortgage insurance Annual fee 


Effective on October 1, 2012, the start of Fiscal Year (FY) 2013, Rural Development will revise the Up-Front Guarantee Fee and the monthly mortgage insurance fee structure as follows on a Kentucky USDA Mortgage loans in Kentucky for the Guaranteed Loan RHS :


Up-Front Guarantee Fee

FY 2012



FY 2013 Effective

10/01/ 2012

Purchase Transactions (no change)



Refinance Transactions




Annual Fee

FY 2012



FY 2013

Effective 10/01/2012

Purchase Transactions



Refinance Transactions




The FY 2013 fee structure is applicable to all Conditional Commitments (Form RD 1980-18, “Conditional Commitment for Single Family Housing Loan Guarantee”) issued by Rural Development on or after October 1, 2012.  Loan guarantee requests submitted to Rural Development by September 30, 2012, in which a Conditional Commitment has not been issued, will be subject to the FY 2013 fee structure.


Lenders are encouraged to plan for the changes noted and should keep in mind that some Rural Development offices are experiencing extreme backlogs in loan guarantee delivery.  There are no exceptions to the FY 2013 fee structure. Therefore, starting on October 1, 2012 all Conditional Commitments will be subject to the FY 2013 fee structure, regardless of the date the request was received by Rural Development.


The FY 2013 fee structure is only applicable to Conditional Commitments issued on or after October 1, 2012, Conditional Commitments issued by Rural Development prior to this date are notsubject to the new fee structure.


Joel Lobb (NMLS#57916)
Senior  Loan Officer
502-905-3708 cell
502-813-2795 fax

Key Financial Mortgage Co. (NMLS #1800)*
107 South Hurstbourne Parkway*
Louisville, KY 40222*

Today’s Rates: 

Conforming1 Loan Rate FHA
30 Year
15 Year
30 Year
Interest Rate 3.75% 2.875% 3.375%
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 3.925% 3.182% 4.410%
Monthly Payment $833.61 $1,232.26 $995.53
Payment Term 30 YEARS 15 YEARS 30 YEARS
Loan Amount $180,000 $180,000 $180,000
Est. Prepaid Finance Charges $3,800 $3,800 $3,800
Down Payment 25% 25% 3.5%

Be aware that mortgage rates can change without notice and apply only in certain conditions. The APR for the loan products shown reflects the interest rates and estimated prepaid finance charges which include 1% of your loan amount to be paid toward the loan origination charge, but does not include all closing costs or discount points. The displayed rates assume that you’re refinancing a single-family primary residence with a 90-day-lock.

These mortgage rates are based upon a variety of assumptions and conditions which include a consumer credit score which may be higher or lower than your individual credit score. Your loan’s interest rate will depend upon the specific characteristics of your loan transaction and your credit profile up to the time of closing.

The monthly payment amount displayed includes principal, interest and any required mortgage insurance. The payment amount does not include homeowner’s insurance or property taxes which must be paid in addition to your loan payment.

Conventional loans with a down payment less than 20% require mortgage insurance which could increase the monthly payment and APR.

FHA loans require both an upfront and in most cases, an annual mortgage insurance premium. The premium varies based on the individual loan characteristics. For illustrative purposes on FHA loans, our loan detail results include an estimated mortgage insurance payment added to the monthly principal and interest payment.

1 Conforming loan amounts for certain loan products have increased in federally designated metropolitan areas. Larger limits available in the state of Hawaii. To find out if these new loan limits can help meet your needs, contact us

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