Understanding Credit Scores

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What Credit Score do I need for a Mortgage Loan in Kentucky? What Is a Credit Report? A credit report is a …

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Most savvy consumers know about the FICO score — the three-digit number that companies use to figure interest rates. Even though FICO has published the main factors that affect FICO credit scores, many still wonder why when they apply for an auto loan they are told one set of scores, and another for a mortgage loan

There are three different types of credit reports: consumer, mortgage, and auto. The mortgage and auto reports are weighed more to the mortgage and auto criteria. Your scores would be different on all three types, even from the same credit bureau.

You also have three different credit bureaus. Not all creditors report to all three credit bureaus.
So you actually have 6 different credit reports

Your credit history is your strongest argument for assuring lenders that you’re a good credit risk. So it’s wise to take these 6 steps to build the…

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