Rural Housing and USDA Loans in Kentucky


Rural Housing and USDA Loans in Kentucky
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Rural Housing and USDA Loans in Kentucky

When searching for home loan options in the Kentucky , you do not want to overlook the possibility of a USDA and Rural  Home Loans . Designed to help encourage economic growth throughout the state of Kentucky, a USDA Loan is a great alternative to a traditional home loan. With no down payment required and flexible credit guidelines, a government backed USDA Loan can help your dream of home ownership become a reality in Kentucky.

  • 100% Financing Up to the Appraised Value
  • New and Existing Homes are Eligible
  • No Maximum Loan Amount
  • Low Fixed Interest Rates
  • No Minimum score and 3 years removed from Bankruptcy and Foreclousre
  • Maximum Income Limits Per Kentucky Household
  • Low mortgage insurance on USDA loans in Kentucky
  • Seller can pay all closing costs and prepaids
  • No Termite report or Home Inspection Needed
  • Low 30 year fixed Rates on Kentucky Home Loans

Kentucky Areas that Qualify for a USDA Loan

While USDA Loans are limited to rural areas, you will probably be surprised at the selection of qualifying areas. Rural does not have to mean farm country, and so a number of areas that that are located right next to major cities do qualify.
In general terms, eligible USDA homes are limited to areas that are not within city limits and have less than 20,000 residents.
However, you should never assume that your Kentucky home does not qualify. Even if the property you are considering is close to Lexington or Louisville, it may still qualify.
So seek out the guidance of the USDA Loan Agency.

Kentucky’s USDA Loan Income Limits by County

Some of the eligibility restrictions that determine if you qualify for a USDA include the county and zip code the home resides in, as well as, your past credit history and number of dependents.

In addition, because they are designed for families with moderate to lower incomes, the income of home-buyers looking into a Kentucky USDA Home Loan cannot exceed their county’s set limit: