USDA Single Family Housing Homes for Sale in Kentucky Currently


Kentucky USDA Rural Housing Eligibility Map for 2018

Type in your address below and hit go here to see if the home is in an eligible USDA Rural Housing Area for a Kentucky Property


Kentucky USDA Guidelines for 2018









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3 thoughts on “USDA Single Family Housing Homes for Sale in Kentucky Currently

  1. The US Department of Agriculture administers a means tested mortgage loan guarantee program called the USDA Rural Development Loan. Commonly referred to as just a USDA Loan, RD, or Rural Housing loan.

    You DO NOT need to go through a USDA office to get this loan.

    This is not a “farm” loan. You can not use it to buy a farm. Rather it is a mortgage loan that is designed to support housing in rural communities. Not all “rural” areas are in the middle of a cornfield.

    1) USDA loan income limitsDo a USDA Income Eligibility check. Does you household income qualify

    2) USDA loan property eligibility checkDo a USDA Property Eligibility check. Is the house in an eligible rural area?

    If your income qualified, and the home is in a USDA eligible area:

    3)Fill out an online USDA Loan Application. Get lender pre-approved in a few business hours.

    USDA Program Program Highlights

    Zero down payment – You can finance 100% of the purchase price

    Roll your closing costs into the loan (known as seller paid closing costs, or seller concessions)

    Very cheap mortgage insurance compared to other mortgage loans options

    Homes more affordable, and more people qualify because of low PMI

    Good credit or better required – Doesn’t need to be perfect, but bad credit not OK (less than 640 score)

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