Kentucky Rural Housing USDA Appraisal Requirements

  • Property must meet HUD’s minimum Property standards. i.e.: permanent heat source, functional kitchen, health & safety
  • Flips subject to UW review
  • Transferred appraisal – not allowed
  • Appraisal valid 120 days – 30 day extension possible
  • Swimming Pools – ok
  • Property eligibility – Located in a USDA designated rural area
  • New Construction Available
  • RHS Condos
    In order for a condo to be eligible for an RHS loan, it must appear on the FHA, VA, or FNMA approval list. Please see the Condos Guideline for more information.
  • Income Producing Properties and Outbuildings
    Minimal income production from property is allowable within reason (e.g. gardening) as long as the property remains predominantly residential in nature
    Outbuildings are permitted as long as they are no longer in commercial use. Interior photographs of all outbuildings will be required to determine usage
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