Kentucky Resources and Information Related To


Kentucky Resources and Information Related To




The Kentucky Housing Corporation


The Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) has a variety of programs available to


provide affordable housing information for home buyers, renters, housing producers and


providers of special needs housing.



KHC has also established a Center to serve as a

statewide counseling and information network for Kentucky households on the


brink of foreclosure.


Information About KHC




Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) is a self-supporting, public corporation created by


the 1972 General Assembly. With a mission to provide affordable housing opportunities,


KHC offers lower-than-market rate home mortgages, down payment assistance,


homeownership education/ counseling, housing production financing, rental assistance,


housing rehabilitation and supportive housing programs for homeless and special needs




Since 1972, Kentucky Housing Corporation has helped make homeownership possible


for more than 82,000 households. Annually, KHC serves approximately 24,000


Kentucky households with rental assistance and services approximately 33,400 loans.


Kentucky Housing Corporation works with many partners across the state, including


lenders, government agencies, non-profit housing providers, builders, real estate agents,


community organizations and developers, to create affordable housing opportunities. For


more information on KHC’s programs and services, visit:





call KHC customer care toll-free in KY at: (800) 633-8896 or (502) 563-7630

extension 490.


Assisting Kentuckians with Mortgage Foreclosure – The Kentucky Homeownership


Protection Center




The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center is a state program designed to help


Kentucky households avoid foreclosure who are on the brink of losing their homes. The


Center created a network of counselors and agencies that are available to homeowners


either facing foreclosure or falling behind on their house payments. Homeowners are


advised to contact their loan service officer as quickly as possible then contact the Center


for help. When contacts are made earlier, there is a greater chance that families will be


able to keep their homes.


Contact the Center through its Web site:





or toll-free at (866) 830-7868.

Louisville, KY Foreclosure Prevention




Louisville Metro Government is partnering with Metro United Way, the Kentucky


Housing Corporation, Louisville Urban League and the Housing Partnership, Inc. to


connect consumers with resources, information and assistance to help prevent financial


problems and foreclosure.


Consumers living in Louisville can dial



Metro United Way’s help line to connect

with counselers.


For more information visit:





Article Announcing Kentucky’ Mortgage Aid Center on Harvard University’s


Government Innovators Network


The Government Innovator’s Network at Harvard University announced “Beshear


Launches Mortgage Aid Center.” The article discussed KHC’s Homeownership


Protection Center created by House Bill 522 which went into effect in July, 2008. To


read the article visit:


Prepared by,


Joanne Bankston, Ph.D.


Kentucky State University


Cooperative Extension Program



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